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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 36/09 of 15 May 2009, 88/10 of 23 November 2010, 92/11 of 7 December 2011, 93/12 of 28 September 2012 and 25/15 of 13 March 2015

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  • Article 1

    This Law shall regulate integrated management of chemicals; classification, packaging and labelling of chemicals; the integral registry of chemicals and the registry of chemicals placed on the market; restrictions and ban on production, placing on the market and use of chemicals, import and export of certain hazardous chemicals substances; licenses for trade and licenses to use particularly hazardous chemicals; placing detergents on the market; systematic supervision of chemicals, availability of data, monitoring and other issues relevant for managing chemicals.

  • Article 2

    The Law shall be based on the principle of precaution and the principle that the manufacturer, importer and downstream user produce, place on the market and use chemicals in such a manner that there is no adverse effect upon human health and environment.

  • 1. Definitions
     Article 3

    Certain terms in this Law shall have the following meaning:

    1)        Downstream user shall mean the legal person or entrepreneur registered within the Republic of Serbia, other than the manufacturer of the substance or the importer of the chemical, who uses the substance or the substance contained in a mixture for industrial or professional purposes, including also the person who manufacturers the mixture. The distributor and consumer are not considered to be the downstream user;

    2)        Detergent shall mean any substance or mixture which contains soaps, or other surfactants, which is used for washing and cleaning purposes. Detergents include also supplementary mixtures intended for washing purposes (prewashing, rinsing or  bleaching), fabric softeners, mixtures for other cleaning purposes and similar products;

    3)        Distributor shall mean any legal person or entrepreneur registered within the Republic of Serbia, who stores a chemical or places it on the market:

    4)        Good laboratory practice shall mean that laboratory practice which is carried out in compliance with the principles (guidelines) stipulated by legislation which regulates medicines and medical devices:

    5)        Scientific research and development shall mean scientific experimentation, analysis or research of chemicals conducted under controlled conditions;

    5a)       Recall shall mean any activity or measure aimed at achieving the return of a product or chemical that has already been delivered by a manufacturer or distributor, or which has already been available to consumers and/or end users;

    5b)      Withdrawal shall mean any activity or measure aimed at preventing the distribution or making available of a chemical or product that has been put into circulation;

    6)      Complete aerobic biodegradability shall mean such level of biodegradability in which the surfactant in the presence of oxygen is completely degraded to carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts (mineralization);

    7)      Washing shall mean washing of laundry, dishes and hard surfaces;

    8)      Primary biodegradability shall mean structural change (transformation) of the surfactant because of microorganisms, causing loss of its capability of surface activity due to the degrading of its structure;

    9)      Product shall mean the object which during production is given a special shape or design which determine its function to a greater degree than does its chemical composition;

    10)    Production shall mean the production or extraction of substances in their natural state;

    11)    Manufacturer shall mean any legal person or entrepreneur which produces the substance;

    12)    Handling shall mean production, manufacturing, packing, storing, trading, transportation and use of chemicals or any other activity related to chemicals;

    13)    Mixture shall mean the mixture or solution of two or more substances;

    14)    Supplier shall mean any legal person or entrepreneur who is the manufacturer, distributor or downstream user, who places the chemicals on the market;

    15)    Placing on the market shall mean supplying or making chemicals accessible to third persons in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, either for a compensation or without compensation, whereas the import is also considered to be placing on the market;

    16)    Substance shall mean a chemical element or compound in its natural shape or obtained by any production process, including any additive which is necessary to preserve its stability and any impurity arising from a production process, but excluding any solvent which can be separated in a manner that will not affect the stability of the substance or change its composition;

    17)    Surfactant shall mean any organic substance or mixture which has surface-active properties, and which contains one or more hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups which are capable of reducing surface tension of water by forming a spread or adsorbing monolayer at the water-air interface and creates an emulsion, or microemulsion, or micelles, and also capable of adsorbing at water-solid interface;

    18)    Exposure scenario shall mean the set of conditions and measures, including conditions at the workplace, by which risk is managed and which describe how the substance is manufactured or used during its life-cycle, how the manufacturer or importer can control it, which give recommendations to the downstream user how to control the substance when humans and the environment are exposed to it, whereas the recommendation can relate to one specific process or use, or to several processes or ways in which the substance is used;

    19)    Chemical name according to IUPAC nomenclature shall mean the name of the chemical identified in the nomenclature of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - IUPAC;

    20)    Chemical shall mean the substance and mixture;

    20a)  Chemical and product intended for general use shall mean item of general use in terms of the law governing health safety of items of general use;

    21)    Cleaning shall mean the definition of this notion as contained in the standard SRPS ISO 862.