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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 51/09 of 14 July 2009 and 95/13 of 31 October 2013

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  • Scope
     Article 1

    The present Law shall govern the protection of competition on the market of the Republic of Serbia for the sake of economic progress and wellbeing of society and particularly to the benefit of consumer, as well as the establishment, status, organisation and authority of the Competition Protection Commission (hereinafter: the Commission).

  • Territorial Application
     Article 2

    The provisions of the present Law shall apply to the acts and transactions made in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the acts and transactions made outside its territory, which are affecting or could affect competition in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Personal Application
     Article 3

    The provisions of the present Law shall apply to all legal entities and individuals who engage in the marketing of goods and/or services, directly or indirectly, from time to time or non-recurrently, regardless of their legal status, form of ownership or citizenship and/or nationality (hereinafter: the market participants), including:

    1) Domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs;

    2) Government, territorial autonomy and local self-government authorities;

    3)  Other individuals, legal entities and forms of association of market participants (unions, associations, sport organisations, institutions, cooperatives, holders of intellectual property rights and others);

    4)  Public enterprises, companies, entrepreneurs and other market participants who are operating a business of general concern or who have been granted fiscal monopoly by decision of the competent government authority, unless the application of the present Law would prevent the operation of such business or performance of the operations they have been entrusted with.