ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 99/11 of 27 December 2011, 113/17 of 17 December 2017 (other law), 95/18 of 8 December 2018, 66/19 of 18 September 2019 and 123/21 of 15 December 2021
2. Right to a Protection of an Invention

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  • Entitlement to a Protection
    • Article 3

      The right to protection of an invention shall belong to the inventor or his successor in title, or in cases prescribed by this Law, to employer or his successor in title.

      If an invention is the result of the joint effort of a number of inventors they shall have a joint right to protection. A person rendering technical assistance to an inventor shall not be considered to be an inventor.

      If two or more persons have filed an application for the protection of a joint invention, it shall be considered, unless otherwise stipulated by them, that their aliquot parts are equal.

      Appropriate provisions of the law regulating obligations and proprietary right shall apply to those issues concerning  the  mutual legal relations between two or more titular's of rights on the joint invention, that are not provided for by this Law.         

      If two or more persons have made an invention independently of each other, the right to protection of invention therefore shall belong to the person whose patent or petty patent application has the earliest date of filing.

      Persons employed by the competent authority have no right to protection of their inventions neither while they are employed by the competent authority, nor one year after the termination of such employment.