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Group: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Issue: AMNESTY LAW 18/2010-107
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 18/10 of 26 March 2010
Section: AMNESTY LAW 18/2010-107

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  • Article 1

    Amnesty shall be granted to all persons who have committed or are reasonably suspected of having committed the following crimes from 18 April 2006 to the effective date of the present Law: evasion of military service as referred to in Article 394, evasion of the census and examination as referred to in Article 395, failure to discharge the material obligation referred to in Article 397 and self-willed absence or desertion from the Army of Serbia referred to in Article 399, as provided by the Criminal Code (RS Official Gazette, Nos. 85/05, 88/05 - correction, 107/05 - correction, 72/09 and 111/09).

    The amnesty of the persons referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article include acquittal from criminal prosecution, acquittal from serving the sentence and deletion of sentence.

  • Article 2

    If criminal proceedings have not been instituted against a person referred to in Article 1 of the Present Law, no proceedings may be instituted and if criminal proceedings are under way, they shall be suspended.

    If a ready to-be-carried out prison sentence has been pronounced to a person referred to in Article 1 of the present Law, he shall be acquitted from serving that sentence wholly or from the part still not served.

  • Article 3

    The amnesty shall not affect the rights of third parties which are based on the sentence.