ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 104/09 of 16 December 2009


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  • Scope of Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall govern a single system of classification and protection of classified information that is of interest to national security and public safety, defence, internal and foreign affairs of the Republic of Serbia; protection of foreign classified information; access to classified information and its declassification; competence of authorities and oversight of the implementation of this Law, as well as accountability for non-implementation of obligations arising from this Law, and other issues of importance for the protection of information secrecy. 

  • Terms
     Article 2

    For the purposes of this Law:

    1)      Information of Interest to the Republic of Serbia  shall mean any information or documents in possession of a public authority, related to territorial integrity and sovereignty, protection of the constitutional order, human and minority rights and freedoms, national security and public safety, defence, internal affairs and foreign affairs;

    2)    Classified Information shall mean any information of interest to the Republic of Serbia, which has been classified and for which a level of secrecy has been determined  by law, other regulations or decisions of a competent authority passed under law;

    3)     Foreign Classified Information shall mean any information delivered to the Republic of Serbia by another country or an international organisation, committing the Republic of Serbia to keep them as classified information; as well as classified information arising from cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and other countries, international organisations and other international entities, under an international agreement concluded by the Republic of Serbia with another country, international organisation or other international entity;

    4)     Document shall mean any information bearer (paper, magnetic or optical medium, disk, USB memory, smart card, compact disc, microfilm, video and audio tracks, etc.) onto which classified information has been recorded or memorised,

    5)     Information Classification shall mean the procedure of classifying information as secret and determination of the level and duration of secrecy;

    6)     Determination of Secrecy Level shall mean labelling classified information as: "STATE SECRET", "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL", "CONFIDENTIAL" or "FOR INTERNAL USE",

    7)   Public Authority shall mean a state authority, territorial autonomy, local self-government authority, an organisation vested with public powers, as well as a legal person established by a state authority or financed wholly or predominantly from the budget, which handles classified information, i.e.  creates, collects, keeps, uses, exchanges or otherwise processes classified information;

    8)    Security Clearance shall mean a procedure conducted by a competent authority prior to issuing a certificate for access to classified information, with a view to collecting information on possible security risks and obstacles to safe access to classified information;

    9)     Damage shall mean the infringement of interests of the Republic of Serbia arising from unauthorised access to, disclosure, destruction and misuse of classified information, or from other acts related to the processing of classified information and foreign classified information;

    10)  Classified Information Controller shall mean a natural person or an organisational unit of a public authority undertaking measures to protect classified information under the provisions of this Law (hereinafter: Controller);

    11)  Classified Information User shall mean any citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a legal person seated in the Republic of Serbia, to whom a certificate has been issued by a competent authority, or a foreign natural or legal person granted a security clearance for access to classified information under a concluded international agreement (hereinafter: permission), as well as a public authority official who has the right of access to and use of classified information without a certificate under this Law;

    12)  Security Risk shall mean an actual possibility of jeopardising classified information security;

    13)  Protection Measures shall mean general and special measures undertaken to prevent any damage, i.e. measures intended to ensure administrative, information and telecommunications, personal and physical security of classified information and foreign classified information.

  • Unclassified Information
     Article 3

    Information labelled as classified with a view to concealing crime, exceeding authority or abusing office, or with a view to concealing some other illegal activity or proceedings of a public authority, shall not be considered classified.