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Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 101/15 of 8 December 2015, 95/18 of 8 December 2018 (other law) and 40/21 of 22 April 2021
1. Scope of the Law

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  • Article 1

    This Law shall regulate mineral policy measures and activities and mineral policy implementation method, development policies for geological surveys and mining, conditions and method of geological surveying of mineral and other geological resources, survey of geological environment, as well as geological surveys for the purpose of spatial and urban planning, design, construction of facilities and remediation and re-cultivation of terrain, classification method for resources and reserves of mineral raw materials and ground water and geothermal resources, exploitation of reserves of mineral raw materials and other geological resources, construction, exploitation and maintenance of mining facilities, plants, machinery and equipment, conducting of mining works, mining waste management, remediation and re-cultivation procedures for abandoned mining facilities, as well as monitoring of the implementation of this Law.

  • Principles*
     Article 2*

    This Law and other laws, as well as by-laws, when applied in connection with the activities that are the subject matter of the regulation of this Law, shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the following principles:

    1) a continuous supply of sufficient quantities of mineral raw materials shall be necessary for strengthening and sustaining the market economy in the Republic of Serbia;

    2) the aim of this Law shall be to regulate the relations regarding geological surveys and mining in a balanced manner, which ensures the economic, social and environmental sustainability of these activities and projects, in the conditions of the market economy;

    3) the holders of the rights obtained on the basis of this Law shall be obligated to act in all their activities according to the best business, social and environmental rules of the profession, and to apply the best technical methods and means in geological surveys and exploitation of mineral raw materials, in order to improve project sustainability and security of them all, and to prevent, reduce and eliminate the damages and obstacles resulting from the activities regulated by this Law as much as possible;

    4) the security, predictability and continuity of the surveying and mining rights in accordance with this Law shall be guaranteed.