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Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 36/15 of 21 April 2015, 44/18 of 8 June 2018 (other law) and 95/18 of 8 December 2018

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  • Scope of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall govern the contents, types and forms, as well as the procedure of the inspection supervision, powers and obligations of the participants in the inspection supervision and other issues significant for the inspection supervision.

  • Term and Objective of the Inspection Supervision
     Article 2

    The inspection supervision shall be the task of the state administration, the contents of which as well as the term have been specified by this Law, which governs the operation of the state administration, carried out by the state administration authorities, as well as the authorities of the autonomous province and authorities of the local self-government units, with the aim of taking preventive actions or imposing measures that secure legality and safety of operation and actions of the supervised entities, and thus prevent or remove the damaging consequences incurred to the goods, rights and interests protected by the law and other regulation.

    Other forms of supervision and control shall comply with the inspection supervision, the performance of which shall examine the application of the law and other regulations, by direct insight into the operation and actions of the supervised entity, which shall be carried out by the authorities referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article as well as other entities holding public powers, in line with a special law.

  • Meaning of Expressions
     Article 3

    Certain expressions used in this Law shall have the following meaning:

    1) the inspection shall mean an authority within, an internal organisational unit or inspectors of the state administration authorities, i.e. authorities of the autonomous province or local self-government unit or other entity holding public powers, which perform the inspection supervision;

    2) the inspector shall mean an official person with special powers, obligations and responsibilities, specified by the law, who meets the requirements for the performance of inspection supervision, and who shall carry out the inspection supervision and enjoy the criminal and legal protection stipulated by the Law;

    3) the supervised entity shall mean a legal entity, entrepreneur or natural person, an organisational form through which the legal entities or natural persons perform their operations or carry out activities and which are not under the obligation of registration, as well as entities with public powers, in line with the Law, whose operation and actions are being supervised;

    4) an unregistered entity shall mean a supervised entity, which operates or performs activities, and which is not registered with a relevant register maintained by the Business Registers Agency, or other body or organisation competent for the registration of incorporation of a legal entity and other entity (hereinafter referred to as: the basic register), when registration with this register has been specified as a requirement for operation or performance of activities;

    5) risk shall mean the combination of probability of occurrence of damaging consequences, as specified by the law and other regulations protecting the goods, rights and interests, which might stem from the operation or actions of the supervised entity, and the anticipated severity of such consequences;

    6) the checklist shall mean a document containing the list of priority issues of verification and other actions for which the inspection has been authorised, set in line with the severity of the possible damaging consequences in a specific area, pursuant to the rules on risk assessment and the subject and the scope of verification;

    7) the regulation application act shall mean an act in form of opinion, rationale, response to a question, recommendation and other acts, in compliance with the law pertaining to the application of the law or other regulations in the scope of inspection, which shall be prepared in written form by the competent authority of the state administration, or rather the autonomous province and the local self-government unit or other entity holding public powers, pursuant to the law governing the state administration and other law as well;

    8) the submission shall mean an application, petition, motion or any other act filed by an interested legal entity or natural person, to the inspection, with the aim of initiating the inspection supervision procedure;

    9) the official counselling visit shall mean a form of preventive action of the inspection, by providing expert and counselling support to the supervised entity, in situ, and which the inspection shall organise independently from the inspection supervision;

    10) the preventive inspection supervision shall mean the inspection supervision focused on the prevention of occurrence of possible damaging consequences;

    11) greater value shall mean the value of a specific material good which amounts to at least RSD 3,000.000.