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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 111/09 of 29 December 2009, 92/11 of 7 December 2011 and 93/12 of 28 September 2012

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  • Article 1

    This Law shall govern action, declaration and management * in emergency situations; the system of protection and rescue of people, material and cultural goods and the environment against natural hazards, technical and technological disasters - accidents and catastrophes, consequences of terrorism, wars and other large scale disasters (hereinafter: natural hazards and other disasters); the competencies of state authorities; autonomous provinces, local self-government units and involvement of the Serbian Armed Forces and police in protection and rescue; the rights and obligations of citizens, companies, other legal entities and entrepreneurs relating to emergency situations; the organisation and activities of the civil protection relating to protection, rescue and elimination of the consequences of natural hazards and other disasters; financing; inspection supervision; international cooperation and other issues significant for the organization and functioning of the protection and rescue system.

  • Article 2

    The Republic of Serbia shall ensure the establishment of an integrated protection and rescue system in line with this Law and other regulations, as well as programmes, plans and other documents which refer to protection and rescue and civil protection.

  • Article 3

    For the purpose of this Law, the basic tasks of the protection and rescue system shall be:

    1) programming and planning of measures and activities for protection and rescue;

    2) protection, as a set of preventive measures aimed at strengthening of the community's resilience, elimination of potential causes of jeopardy, reducing the impact of natural hazards, preventing other disasters and in case they do occur, the mitigation of consequences thereof;

    3) coordination during establishment, preparation and realisation of the National Strategy for Protection and Rescue;

    4) rescue and first aid assistance, which implies operational activities undertaken for the purpose of rescuing people, material goods and the environment;

    5) mitigation and elimination of direct consequences of natural hazards and other disasters, which implies measures and activities undertaken for the purpose of establishing necessary conditions for the life of citizens in the affected areas;

    6) organisation, equipping and training of protection and rescue forces;

    7) organisation, equipping and capacity building of state authorities, companies, other legal entities and entrepreneurs for protection and rescue;

    8) organisation and training of citizens for personal, mutual and collective protection;

    9) providing and seeking aid and cooperation with other countries and international organisations;

    10) management, government and coordination of participants and forces of the protection and rescue system in emergency situations and

    11) other duties and tasks of protection and rescue.