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Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 52/21 of 24 May 2021


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  • Subject of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate the concept, meaning and policy measures for achieving and promoting gender equality, types of planning acts in the area of gender equality and the manner of reporting on their implementation, institutional framework for achieving gender equality, monitoring the application of laws and other issues relevant to achieving and promoting gender equality.

    Measures for achieving and promoting gender equality include creating equal opportunities for participation and equal treatment of women and men in the fields of labour, employment and self-employment, social and healthcare, education, upbringing, science and technological development, information and communication technologies and information society, defence and security, transport, energy, environmental protection, culture, public information, sports, governance and supervision bodies and their bodies, political action and public affairs, sexual and reproductive health and rights, access to goods and services.

    The law shall also regulate the measures for the suppression and prevention of all forms of gender-based violence, violence against women and domestic violence.

    The law shall also regulate the obligations of public authorities, employers and other social partners to integrate a gender perspective in the area in which they operate.

  • Protection of Acquired Rights
     Article 2

    The provisions of this Law may not be interpreted or applied in a way that abolishes or restricts the rights established by other regulations or limits or diminishes the achieved level of human rights in the field of gender equality arising from the Constitution, ratified international treaties, generally accepted rules of international law, laws and European Union legislation on gender equality.

  • Gender Equality
     Article 3

    Gender equality implies equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, equal participation and balanced representation of women and men in all areas of social life, equal opportunities for exercising rights and freedoms, use of personal knowledge and abilities for personal and social development, equal opportunities and rights in access to goods and services, as well as achieving equal benefits from work results, taking into account biological, social and cultural differences between men and women and different interests, needs and priorities of women and men when making public and other policies and deciding on rights, obligations and law-based provisions as well as constitutional provisions.