ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 6/16 of 28 January 2016, 24/18 of 26 March 2018 and 87/18 of 13 November 2018

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  • Scope of the Law
    • Article 1

      This Law shall govern the internal affairs, organisation and competence of the Ministry of Interior (hereinafter: the Ministry), police tasks, organisation and competence of the Police, as well as other issues significant for the operation of the Police and the Ministry.

  • Notion of Internal Affairs
    • Article 2

      Internal affairs shall be the affairs of state administration, specified by the law and performed by the Ministry, the performance of which ensures and improves the safety of citizens and property, provides support to the rule of law and ensures the realisation of human and minority rights and freedoms specified by the Constitution and the law, as well as other related affairs falling within the defined scope and competence of the Ministry.

  • Police
    • Article 3

      The Police, for the purpose of this Law, shall present the organized manner of performance of legally governed affairs, comprising police officers who, while performing the police and other internal affairs, protect and improve the safety of citizens and property, abiding by the human and minority rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, and other protected values within a democratic society, with the possibility of applying means of coercion, based on the Constitution and the law.

      The right to the use of the term "Police" shall solely belong to the Ministry and the Ministry of Defense.