ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 65/13 of 25 July 2013, 13/16 of 19 February 2016, 98/16 of 8 December 2016 (CC), 91/19 of 24 December 2019 (other law) and 91/19 of 24 December 2019
Sekcija: Part One

Chapter I

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  • Scope of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate: the notion of misdemeanour, conditions for misdemeanour liability, conditions for prescribing and enforcement of misdemeanour sanctions, the system of sanctions, misdemeanour proceedings, issuing of misdemeanour notice, the procedure of decision enforcement, register of sanctions and register of unpaid fines and other monetary amounts.

  • Notion of a Misdemeanour
     Article 2

    A misdemeanour shall be an unlawful act stipulated as a misdemeanour by the law or other regulation of a competent authority for which a misdemeanour sanction is prescribed.

  • Legality in Prescribing Misdemeanours and Misdemeanour Sanctions
     Article 3

    No one may be punished for a misdemeanour or may other misdemeanour sanctions may be enforced against him/her, if such an act, prior to being committed, was not stipulated, by the law or by a regulation based on a law, as a misdemeanour and for which the type and degree of sanction by which the misdemeanour offender may be sanctioned has not been prescribed by the law or another regulation based on a law.