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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Group: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 24/18 of 26 March 2018


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  • Scope of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate border control, police powers in carrying out border control, as well as cooperation between the state administration authorities in charge of integrated border control.

  • Border Control
     Article 2

    Border control, within the meaning of this Law, includes surveillance of state border, border checks and analysis of the risks relating to threats to border security, which shall be carried out by police officers.

    The purpose of carrying out border control shall be:

    1) to secure the state border;

    2) protection of human life and health and environment;

    3) to prevent committing and to uncover and solve criminal offenses and misdemeanours;

    4) to prevent irregular migrations;

    5) to prevent and uncover other activities and actions which constitute threats to public order and peace, legal order and public security.

  • Meanings of Individual Expressions
     Article 3

    The expressions used in this Law shall have the following meaning:

    1) the state border is an imaginary vertical plane running along the borderline on the surface of the Earth and separating the territory of the Republic of Serbia, its land, inner waters, airspace and ground below the surface of the Earth from the territory of neighbouring states. In terms of border checks, the state border shall also be considered to be the areas of border crossing points on airports and ports across which the international traffic is carried out;

    2) the Border Police Directorate (hereinafter referred to as: the border police) is the organisational unit of the Police Directorate with the Ministry of Interior (hereinafter: the Ministry), which is directly performing the tasks of border control;

    3) a border check is the control of persons and travel documents, control of the means of transport and control of objects that is performed during the fixed opening hours in the territory of the border crossing point, in relation to the intended crossing of the state border or immediately after crossing of state border and other control of circulation of persons, goods, services, means of transport, animals and plants across the state border which is specified by the law;

    4) borderline is the marked or imaginary line along which the state border runs on the surface of the Earth;

    5) second line border checks are additional checks of persons, means of transport and objects which are carried out in a specific location, away from the location intended for border check;

    6) state border surveillance shall be the set of powers, actions and measures which are carried out along the state border, between the border crossing points and at the border crossing points outside of the fixed opening hours, with a view to countering cross-border crime,  preventing unauthorised crossing of the state border and protecting of its inviolability, carrying out border authorisations' control, and taking measures, actions and carrying out authorisations against persons who have crossed the state border illegally or abused border authorisations;

    7) shared border crossing point is a border crossing point situated in the territory of the Republic of Serbia or in the territory of a neighbouring state, at which the police officers of the border police and the police officers of the neighbouring state carry out border checks immediately one after another, in accordance with their national law and the pursuant to the provisions of an international treaty;

    8) integrated border management is a set of measures and activities taken by the state administration authorities competent for border management, in compliance with the applicable laws, strategies and other acts;

    9) irregular migrations are each movement of population from one state to another, which is not in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, as well as the stay which is contrary to the applicable legal regulations;

    10) non-military challenges, risks and threats to state border are terrorism, organized crime, corruption, migrant crisis, natural disaster, technical and technological and other accidents and dangers;

    11) аn air carrier is a company with a valid operating licence or an adequate document permitting it to conduct public air service;

    12) an operator is a legal or natural person which as the owner or user manages and conducts relevant business activity in airports (possesses the certificate, permit for use or consent), railway, ports and passenger ports open to international traffic;

    13) cruising trips are voyages during which the vessel follows the voyage itinerary in accordance with a predetermined program, which includes a program of tourist activities in the various ports and passenger ports open to international traffic, and which normally neither takes passengers on nor allows passengers to disembark during the voyage.