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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 17/19 of 14 March 2019


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  • 1. Subject Matter of Regulation
    • Article 1

      This Law shall regulate the conditions and method of conducting hospitality activities, conducting hospitality activities in establishments of nautical tourism and establishments of hunting tourism, transient occupancy tax and penalties, as well as other issues of significance for their development and enhancement.

  • 2. Notions
    • Article 2

      Individual terms used in this Law shall have the following meanings:

      1) a single bed place shall be the bed or a bed space intended to be used by one person;

      2) categorisation shall be the procedure aimed at determining the achieved standards in respect of arrangement, equipment and service in a hospitality establishment for accommodation, a hunting tourism and a nautical tourism establishment, based on which the establishments of the same type are ranked in different categories, depending on the level of standards achieved;

      3) a service user shall be a natural person that uses the hospitality services in a hospitality establishment, an establishment of nautical or hunting tourism, as a consumer, for his/her own needs;

      4) a house, an apartment and a room shall be separate establishments in which hospitality services are provided in cottage industry;

      5) hunting tourism activity shall mean provision of reception and accommodation services, preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages in hunting tourism establishments, as well as provision of other services for the needs of hunting tourism;

      6) nautical tourism activity shall mean provision of hospitality industry services in nautical tourism establishments, as well as provision of other services for the needs of nautical tourism;

      7) food and beverage norm shall be the pre-determined type and quantity of nutriments or beverages in fresh condition required for preparation of a specific dish and/or beverage according to a prescribed recipe, which is sold at a single price;

      8) drink norm shall be the pre-determined type and quantity of a drink, which is sold at a single price;

      9) relevant registry shall be the status registry that is maintained by a competent authority and in which companies, entrepreneurs, associations and other legal persons are registered;

      10) a mobile food establishment shall be an establishment that is moved from one place to another, either self-propelled or towed and which complies with the prescribed minimum technical, sanitary-hygienic and health conditions for provision of hospitality services, in which food is prepared and served in disposable packaging, food is served in original packaging that is prepared in some other place and/or drinks and beverages are served in disposable packages or in their original packaging;

      11) sale of hospitality industry and other services shall imply direct sale, offering, as well as any other activities of offering, advertising, marketing, promotion, etc. which ultimately result in the sale of such service;

      12) a rural tourism household shall be an establishment or a group of establishments in which services of accommodation, preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages or the accommodation services only are provided, which is located in a rural (village) environment with the elements of local features and heritage;

      13) an accommodation unit shall be a furnished space, and/or a set of furnished rooms within a hospitality establishment for accommodation or as a separate hospitality establishment, which is placed at the disposal of the user;

      14) standards shall be the conditions and criteria in respect of arrangement and furnishing of the establishment, quality of service provision and predominant contents of the services and maintenance of the establishment;

      15) transfer shall be the transportation of beneficiaries of a service which is realized on shorter distances at the destination and/or locally only;

      16) a proprietor shall be a company, another legal person, an entrepreneur and a natural person that conducts hospitality industry activity under conditions laid down by this Law;

      17) the hospitality activity shall be provision of services of accommodation, preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages, as well as preparation and delivery of food to users for consumptions on another location;

      18) a hospitality establishment shall be functionally linked, specially arranged and furnished space which is complying with the prescribed minimum technical and sanitary-hygienic conditions for provision of hospitality services and/or for conducting of hospitality activity;

      19) a hospitality establishment in the cottage industry shall be an establishment in which the services of accommodation, preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages or the accommodation services are provided in the establishments of the types of: a house, apartment and a room;

      20) central information system in the field of hospitality industry and tourism (E-tourist) shall be a single and centralized electronic information system, which includes complete relevant information on the accommodation service providers and on the accommodation establishments, through which these are recorded and other particulars are entered which are results of the hospitality industry, nautical and hunting tourism and/or tourism activity or services in tourism.