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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 52/19 of 22 July 2019

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  • Scope
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate the conditions and method for conducting of trade in the single market of the Republic of Serbia, as well as market enhancement, protection, protection from unfair market competition and supervision.

  • Application of the Law
     Article 2

    This Law shall apply to all persons performing trade in the Republic of Serbia.

    This Law shall not apply to providing services regulated by special laws. 

  • Meaning of Individual Expressions
     Article 3

    Individual expressions, within the meaning of this Law, shall have the following meanings:

    1) market shall mean the institutionally regulated relation between the entities on the supply and demand side;

    2) goods shall mean the product of human labour in tangible and intangible form aimed for sales on the market, as well as water, gas and electric energy when sold in predetermined quantities;

    3) sales facility shall be the place comprising a single physical, functional and technical and technological unit, of the permanent or temporary construction character, equipped in the prescribed manner, which is intended for conducting trade;

    4) point of sale shall be the sales facility or some other place outside of the sales facility in which conducting of trade has been envisaged and approved, in compliance with the law and other regulations;

    5) consumer shall be the natural person purchasing the goods, i.e. services for the purpose of fulfilling the personal needs or the needs of the household;

    6) producer shall be the legal person, an entrepreneur or a natural person that manufactures the product or that is presenting itself in such capacity by placing on the product its business name, the name or trade name, trademark or some other recognisable designation;

    7) point of purchase shall mean specialized wholesale of agricultural products and domestic animals, where organized purchase of agricultural products and domestic animals is performed, from the agricultural manufacturers, for further sales or other business activities of the buyer;

    8) competitor shall be the trader that sells goods or a service that is, according to its characteristics, intended purpose and price, interchangeable with goods or service of another trader in the same market area;

    9) online platform shall be the means used by the person with capacity of the IT company service provider, within the sense of the law prescribing online trade, to provide the service of connecting to the parties trading electronically. The person managing the electronic platform may perform sales of own goods/services over such platform;

    10) online store shall be the internet store used by the trader to offer goods/services.