ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 150 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 35/19 of 21 May 2019 and 88/19 of 13 December 2019

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  • Subject of Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall govern the legal status, competence, organisation and operation of the Anti-corruption Agency, rules concerning the prevention of conflict of interest in discharge of public office, cumulation of public office, property and income disclosure reports of persons holding public office, procedure by virtue of which the violation of this Law is identified and other issues of relevance for anti-corruption.

  • Meaning of Certain Terms
     Article 2

    Certain terms used in this Law shall bear the following meaning:

    1) "corruption" is a state based on an abuse of office or social status or influence, with an aim to acquire benefits for oneself or another;

    2) "body of the public authority" shall be the body of the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province, the local self-government unit and the city municipality, institutions, public enterprise and other legal entity founded by or the member of which is the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province, the local self-government unit or the city municipality;

    3) "public official" shall be every person elected, appointed or nominated to the bodies of public authority, except for the persons who are the representatives of the private capital in the managing body of a company which the body of public authority;

    4) "public office" shall be the office held by a public official;

    4a) "public resource" shall be a property, movable item and any other asset which is in public property, i.e. in other form of property used by the bodies of the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province, local self-government unit, public enterprises, companies, institutions and other organizations, the founder of which, i.e. a member of which, is the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province or local self-government unit;

    5) "family member" shall be the spouse or the common-law partner, parent of adoptive parent, child or the public official's adoptee;

    6) associated person shall be a family member of the public official, blood relative of the public official, i.e. lateral blood relative to the second degree of kinship, as well as any other legal entity or natural person who may, on other bases and circumstances be reasonably assumed to be associated in interest with the public official.

    7) "strategic document" shall imply strategies and action plans in the domain of combat, i.e. anti-corruption;

    8) "political entity" shall imply the political entity, for the purpose of this Law governing the financing of political activities;

    9) "area especially risky for occurrence of corruption" shall be the area which as such has been identified by the strategic document.