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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 73/19 of 11 October 2019

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  • Subject
    • Article 1

      This law shall regulate the for control of state aid with the objective of protecting free market competition, applying the principles of the market economy and encouraging economic development, ensuring transparency in the granting of state aid, as well as foundation, position, organization and authorizations of the Commission for State Aid Control (hereinafter referred to as:
       the Commission), the general terms, rules, measures and procedure conducted by the Commission when acting upon administrative matters.

  • Scope of Law
    • Article 2

      The provisions of this Law shall not relate to assistance (incentives) in agriculture and fishery, in line with the Agreement on Stabilization and Association Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States, on the one hand and the Republic of Serbia, on the other (Službeni glasnik RS - Međunarodni ugovori, No. 83/08).

  • State Aid
    • Term
       Article 3

      State aid shall be each and every actual or potential public expenditure or realized decrease in state revenue, granted by the state aid provider, in any form, with which a certain market participant is placed into a favourable market position with respect to the competition, or advantage is given to the production of specific goods and/or services, which undermines or threatens to undermine market competition and affect the trade between the Republic of Serbia and the European Union member states.

      State aid scheme is a set of all regulations which pose basis for the granting of state aid to those beneficiaries who are not predetermined (known), i.e. drafts, or regulation proposals, who, once passed, shall pose basis for the granting of state aid to beneficiaries who are not predetermined (known).

      Individual state aid shall be the aid granted based on the acts of the state aid provider to a predetermined beneficiary or aid provided to an individual beneficiary, granted based on the state aid scheme, and which implies an obligation of reporting, in line with this Law.

      State aid may be granted to the following instruments:

      1) subsidy (grants) or subsidized interest rate on loans;

      2) fiscal relief (reduction or exemption from payment of taxes, contributions, customs and other fiscal levies),

      3) state guarantees, each legal entity disposing of and/or managing public funds or other state aid provider, granted under conditions more favourable than market ones,

      4) waiving profit and/or dividends of a state, local self-government or legal entity managing or disposing of public funds,

      5) debt cancellation to a state, local self-government unit or a legal entity governing or disposing of public funds,

      6) sale or use of property in public property, at a price lower than the market one,

      7) purchase or use of property at a price higher than the market one, by the state, local self-government unit or a legal entity governing or disposing of public funds, and

      8) other instruments in line with this Law.