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Published in the Official Gazette of the RS, No. 50/11 of 8 July 2011

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  • Scope and Purpose of the Law
    • Article 1
      This Law shall regulate measures and activities undertaken by the Republic of Serbia, autonomous province and local self-government units, and aimed at improving the social status and position of youth and at creating conditions for addressing young people's needs and interests in all the areas of interest for young people.

      The Purpose of the Law shall be to create conditions for supporting young people in organisation, social activism, development and fulfilment of their potential for their own and for the benefit of the society.

  • Youth Policy and Youth Sector
    • Article 2

      Youth Policy shall mean and include all measures and activities of government bodies, institutions, associations and other actors directed at the improvement and promotion of the position and status of young people.

      Youth sector shall include the areas in which youth activities are performed, specified in the general goals of the National Youth Strategy (hereinafter: the Strategy).

      The Youth Policy within the youth sector shall be implemented by the relevant ministry responsible for youth affairs (hereinafter: the Ministry) through the implementation of the Strategy and other programme documents in the field of Youth Policy and coordination of activities related to their implementation, with participation of the bodies in charge of special areas in the youth sector and all the other Youth Policy actors, in accordance with this Law.

  • Meaning of Individual Terms in this Law
    • Article 3

      The individual terms in this Law shall have the following meanings:

      1) Youth or young people shall mean persons from 15 to and including 30 years of age;

      2) Youth Policy actors shall mean: the Republic of Serbia, autonomous province, and local self-government unit as holders of youth policy, institutions, association carrying out youth activities and other actors participating in the implementation of the youth policy;

      3) Youth activity shall mean any youth sector activity organised by young people or Youth Policy actors, undertaken with the aim of improving the position of young people and their empowerment for active participation in the society for their own and for the benefit of the society;

      4) Youth work shall mean such youth activities organised by and for young people, based on non-formal education, carried out in young people's free time and undertaken with the aim of improving the conditions for personal and social development of young people, in accordance with their needs and abilities, in which young people voluntarily participate;

      5) Non-formal education of young people shall mean any organized activity, adjusted to young people, outside the formal educational system, based on young people's needs and interests, principles of voluntary and active participation of young people in the learning process and the promotion of democratic values, through which young people acquire competencies necessary for developing their personal potentials, active participation in the society and better employability.

      Any term used in this Law shall be used neutrally in terms of gender.