ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Official Gazette of the RS, Nos. 72/11 of 28 September 2011, 49/13 of 5 June 2013-CC, 74/13 of 21 August 2013 - CC, 55/14 of 23 May 2014, 87/18 of 13 November 2018, 18/20 of 3 March 2020 and 10/2023 of 9 February 2023
Sekcija: Part One
Chapter I

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  • Article 1

    This Law shall govern the rules of proceedings for providing legal protection of the court applied in acting and adjudicating upon civil law disputes arising from violations of personal rights as well as from disputes relating to family, labour, business, property and other civil legal relations, with an exception of the disputes in respect of which other type of proceedings is provided pursuant to the specific law.

  • Article 2

    Parties are entitled to lawful, equal and fair protection of their rights.

    The court shall not decline to rule on a claim within its jurisdiction.

  • Article 3

    In civil actions the court shall rule on the extent of claims filed in the proceedings.

    Parties may freely dispose with claims filed in the course of the proceedings. Parties may waive their claims, admit the claim of their opposing party, or reach a settlement.

    The court shall not allow disposals of parties which are in contravention to compulsory regulations, public order and rules of ethics and good customs.