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Group: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Issue: AMNESTY LAW 28/1996-2
Published in the Službeni list SRJ, No. 28/96 of 21 June 1996
Section: AMNESTY LAW 28/1996-2

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  • Article 1

    Persons who by 14 December 1995 committed a criminal offence of  failing to respond to an order to report for military service and eluding of military service referred to in Article 214 or the criminal offence of self-willed moving away and desertion  out of the Army of Yugoslavia referred to in Article 217 of the Criminal Law of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Službeni list SFRJ, Nos. 44/76, 36/77, 34/84, 37/84, 74/87, 57/89, 3/90, 38/90, 45/90 and 54/90 and Službeni list SRJ, Nos. 35/92, 37/93 and 24/94), except for the professional soldiers, and/or active officers and active junior officers, shall be granted amnesty.

  • Article 2

    The amnesty referred to in Article 1 of this Law shall include acquittal from criminal prosecution, acquittal from enforcement of the sanction and deletion of conviction.

  • Article 3

    If a criminal procedure has not been instituted for the criminal offence referred to in Article 1 of this Law, such procedure shall not be instituted. If the criminal procedure is in progress, it shall be discontinued, and if a person has been convicted in such a procedure, he shall be acquitted from the enforcement of the sanction, and/or if the enforcement of the sanction has begun, he shall be relived from further enforcement of the sanction.