ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos.104/16 of 23 December 2016 and 31/19 of 29 April 2019

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    • Article 1

      This Law shall regulate the conditions and manner of performing airport management activities, development of airport infrastructure, provision of airport services for the needs of air traffic, as well as the construction within the airport complex and the protection zone around the airport complex; determine the public interest in expropriation, administrative transfer and incomplete expropriation of real estate for the construction of airports to which this Law applies; regulate the manner of adoption and implementation of the National Airport Development Program, certain issues specific to the granting of concessions for airports, as well as other issues of importance for the development, improvement of the use and management of airports.

      Issues not specifically governed by this Law, and which relate to the conditions and manner of operation of the airport operator, the functioning of the airport, construction and operation of the airport complex and airport infrastructure, the procedure for granting concessions for the airport and determining the public interest, shall be duly subject to the relevant provision of the law governing air traffic, law governing public-private partnerships and concessions, law governing expropriation and law governing planning and construction.

    • Article 2

      The provisions of this Law shall apply to airports owned by the Republic of Serbia, owned by an autonomous province or local self-government unit, or owned by an airport operator whose founder or majority owner is the Republic of Serbia, an autonomous province or local self-government unit and which meets the conditions for issuing the airport certificates or permits for the use of airports, in accordance with the law governing air traffic.

      The provisions of this Law shall not apply to airports owned by the Republic of Serbia, of the Ministry of Defense as the user (hereinafter: Ministry), which in terms of the law governing air traffic shall be considered military airports and parts of mixed airports used by the Ministry and the Serbian Army, as well as military complexes - airports that, by virtue of the acts of the Government have been included in the Master Plan for Real Estate. The military airport and the military part of a mixed airport shall be managed by the Ministry.

    • Article 3

      The individual terms used in this Law shall have the following meanings:

      1) airport shall be each and every defined area (including all facilities, installations and equipment) on land or water or on a fixed, coastal or floating structure which is wholly or partly intended for the landing, take-off and movement of an aircraft;

      2) airport infrastructure shall be the basic physical, logical, technological and information-communication structure including the manoeuvring surfaces, platforms, roads, facilities, installations, systems and equipment;

      3) airport complex shall be the area of the airport with the land necessary for the development of the airport, which as such is determined by a valid planning document;

      4) airport fee shall be a fee paid, in favour of the airport operator, paid by airport users for the use of facilities, means, devices and services, exclusively provided by the airport operator and relating to landing, take-off, lighting systems, parked aircraft stay, as well as servicing passengers and goods;

      5) airport operator shall be any legal or natural person  managing the airport and having a certificate, license for use or consent for the use of the airport, which are issued in accordance with the law governing air traffic;

      6) ground handling services shall be the services provided at the airport and which include: administrative affairs and control, passenger service, reception and dispatch of checked baggage, reception and dispatch of mail and goods, reception and dispatch of aircraft on the platform, aircraft servicing, aircraft refuelling and lubrication; aircraft maintenance, flight preparation and crew services, transport of passengers and crew from and to the aircraft and supplying the aircraft with food and beverages.