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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 14/21 of 17 February 2021
Section: 1. Introductory Provisions

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  • Scope of Regulation
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate the establishment and maintenance of a single Social Card register (hereinafter: Social Card), i.e. the content, manner of access, processing and storage of data within the Social Card, as well as other issues of importance for its establishment and management.

  • Meaning of Individual Expressions
     Article 2

    The individual expressions used in this Law shall have the following meanings:

    1) socio-economic status of an individual and persons related thereto, including data on their family, educational and upbringing, psycho-physical, labour, ownership and health status, which may impact the exercise of rights and services arising from social protection;

    2) Social Card shall be a unique register containing data on the individual and the parties related thereto, regarding the socio-economic status, data on the type of rights and services arising from social protection that the person exercising or having exercised, as well as data on officials who kept, i.e. decided on such individual's rights;

    3) rights arising from social protection shall imply rights determined by regulations in the field of social, child and veteran-disabled protection;

    4) social protection rights and services beneficiary (hereinafter: the beneficiary) shall be a person using or having used such right in accordance with the regulations in the field of social, child and veteran-disabled protection;

    5) an individual shall be a social protection rights and services beneficiary, as well as a person in the process of exercising such rights;

    6) related parties shall be the parties having closer or further kinship, i.e. property relations, with an individual, and which have an impact on the exercise of such rights;

    7) data users shall be the authorities in charge of implementing social protection and other authorities in line with the law;

    8) the property status of an individual and parties related thereto shall imply the movable and immovable property and income thereof, in accordance with the law;

    9) a broader community shall imply the municipality, the city, the administrative district, the province and the republic.

    All terms used in the masculine grammatical gender include the masculine and feminine genders of the person to whom they refer.

  • Aim of Establishing and Maintaining the Social Card
     Article 3

    The aim of establishing the Social Card is the existence of a single and centralized record, in electronic form that contains accurate and up-to-date data on the socio-economic status of individuals and parties related thereto and that allows the data users to perform data processing in order to determine the facts necessary to exercise rights and services in the field of social protection, and in particular,  for more efficient exercise of social protection rights and services, fair distribution of social aid, improving the efficiency and proactivity of the work of bodies in the field of social protection, providing support in defining and shaping social policies and monitoring the overall effects of social protection measures, as well as providing up-to-date user data in the event of an emergency.