ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Official Gazette of the RS, Nos. 31/11 of 9 May 2011 and 24/12 of 30 March 2012 - CC

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  • Subject of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate the legal profession, conditions for the practice of law and forms of attorneys- at-law work, rights, duties and responsibilities of attorneys-at-law and legal trainees and the organization and operation of bar associations.

  • Autonomy, Independence and Public Importance of Legal Profession
     Article 2

    The legal profession shall be an independent and autonomous activity of providing legal aid to natural and legal persons.

    Autonomy and independence of legal profession shall be provided by:

    1) autonomous and independent performance of the legal profession;

    2) the client's right to free choice of an attorney-at-law;

    3) organization of attorneys-at-law in the Bar Association of Serbia and bar associations within it, as autonomous and independent organizations of attorneys- at-law,

    4) adoption of general legislation by the bar associations,

    5) deciding on admission to the legal profession and the termination of the right to practice law.

  • Subject of Legal Profession
     Article 3

    Provision of legal aid under Article 2, paragraph 1 of this Law shall include:

    1) providing oral and written legal advice and opinions;

    2) drafting lawsuits, requests, proposals, petitions, remedies, pleas and other submissions;

    3) drafting contracts, testaments, settlements, statements, general and individual acts and other documents;

    4) representation and defence of individuals and legal entities;

    5) mediation for the purpose of concluding a legal transaction or amicable settlement of disputes and contentious relations;

    6) providing other legal aid on behalf of national or foreign natural or legal persons, based on which rights are exercised and freedom and other interests are protected.