ISSN 1452-6662
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Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 52/19 of 22 July 2019

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  • Subject Matter
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate conditions for establishing, tasks and organization of a commodity exchange, breaches of integrity on a commodity exchange, as well as supervision over of the application of this Law.

  • Meanings of Individual Terms
     Article 2

    Individual terms within the meaning of this Law shall have the following meanings:

    1) commodity exchange means the legal person that manages and/or carries out the brokering activity in the process of trading in commodities, non-standardized forward contracts and cargo space, determines and implements the rules and procedures relating to trading in a commodity exchange;

    2) calculation and payment means the tasks of managing and settling concluded stock exchange deals in the spot market and in the options and futures market which are carried out in the stock exchange;

    3) trading material means commodities and non-standardized future contracts traded in on the stock exchange;

    4) commodity means each product that can be physically delivered, including the agricultural products, metals and their ores and alloys and energy products, in compliance with the rules of the stock exchange;

    5) a forward contract means a non-standardized contract on the purchase and sale of a certain commodity at a previously defined price where the commodity is delivered and the final payment is effectuated on a fixed date in the future;

    6) a spot market means the market in which commodities are sold and delivered immediately following the conclusion of the transaction;

    7) a forward market means the market for non-standardized forward contracts in which the delivery and payment are effectuated upon the expiry of the time limit envisaged in the contract;

    8) listing means the list of market materials traded in on a commodity exchange;

    9) cargo space means the available ship space for transportation of goods in inland waterways;

    10) management members shall be the director and the supervisory board.

  • Objective of the Law
     Article 3

    The objective of this Law is to regulate and organize fair, transparent and efficient trading in market material and to protect market integrity in the commodity exchange.