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Published in the Official Gazette of the RS, No. 96/21 of 8 October 2021

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  • Subject of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate: environmental noise protection subjects; measures and conditions for environmental noise protection; environmental noise measurement; access to noise information; supervision and other issues of importance for the protection of the environment and human health.

    The provisions of this Law shall refer to environmental noise to which people are exposed, especially in urban areas, public parks or other quiet zones in agglomerations, in quiet zones outside settlements, near schools, hospitals and other facilities, noise sensitive areas, and originating from the operation of a noise source within the meaning of this Law.

  • Exemptions from Application
     Article 2

    The provisions of this Law shall not apply to noise:

    1) created in the workplace and in the work environment;

    2) created inside means of transport;

    3) originating from military activities and activities for protection against natural hazards, natural and other accidents;

    4) from household activities or noise from a neighbouring household from an apartment or other space used for such purposes;

    5) whereto are exposed those who create it;

    6) of farm and wild animals.

    The provisions of this Law shall not apply to noise originating from audible ringing of bells or electroacoustic devices from religious buildings.

    The provisions of this Law shall not apply to aircraft noise to the extent that the protection against aircraft noise is regulated by another special law and regulations in the field of air traffic.

  • Environmental Noise Protection
     Article 3

    Environmental noise protection shall be provided by virtue of determining the conditions and undertaking noise protection measures that are part of an integrated environmental protection system and shall refer to:

    1) spatial, urban and acoustical planning;

    2) acoustic protection;

    3) strategic assessment of the impact of plans and programmes, i.e. environmental impact assessments of projects, as well as the issuance of permits for construction and operation of plants, i.e. performance of activities;

    4) prescribing limit values of environmental noise indicators;

    5) acoustic zoning;

    6) drafting strategic noise maps;

    7) drafting action plans for environmental noise protection;

    8) measuring and evaluating environmental noise levels;

    9) assessing harmful noise effects on human health;

    10) informing the public about environmental noise and its harmful effects.