ISSN 1452-6662
Više od 180 osnovnih i prečišćenih tekstova propisa Republike Srbije prevedenih na engleski jezik.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 52/21 of 24 May 2021

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    • Article 1

      This Law shall regulate the regulatory, technical and other requirements for the safe, reliable and orderly operation of transport of metro system and city railway, requirements which employees must meet, as well as management of infrastructure of metro system and city railway, performance of passenger transport activities and passenger public transport services by the metro system and city railway of general interest.

      The provisions of this Law shall apply to metro system and city railway, functionally independent of public rail infrastructure.

      All other issues that are not specifically regulated by this Law and which relate to the functioning of the metro system, shall be subject to the provisions of the regulations governing the expropriation, the provisions of the regulations governing the construction of buildings, construction and reconstruction of line infrastructure facilities and provisions of regulations governing the general administrative procedure.

    • Article 2

      The individual expressions used in this Law shall have the following meanings:

      1) city railway shall be the railway with special traffic-technical characteristics by which public transport is performed in the territory of a local self-government unit, i.e. in the territory of built-up areas within a local self-government unit;

      2) public railway infrastructure shall be the railway with all accompanying facilities, installations, devices, etc., serving for the needs of railway traffic, as well as in general use in the ownership of the Republic of Serbia, which can be used by all railway carriers under equal conditions;

      3) protective belt of the metro system shall be the area: on both sides of the metro track with a width of 25 m counting from the axis of the end track or the outer edge of the metro facility, below the route 5 m wide and above the construction of the underground metro facility, from the facility to the ground surface. The protective belt shall also include the land space of the station areas, which includes all facilities, installations and access roads;

      4) the infrastructure belt of the metro system shall be the belt on both sides of the metro line in width of 5 m measured from the axis of the end track for overhead sections, i.e. 4m wide area,  measured from the outer edge of the metro structure for underground sections;

      5) investigation shall imply  a process involving the collection and analysis of information, establishing causes, drawing conclusions and establishing consequences, as well as making safety recommendations for the prevention of accidents and incidents, where necessary;

      6) safety relevant jobs shall be all operations related to traffic regulation, vehicle management of metro systems and maintenance of structural subsystems;

      7) public transport shall be the passenger transport, which shall be available to all users under equal conditions;

      8) public transport of passengers of general interest shall include railway transport services of passengers of general economic interest which are provided to the public on a non-discriminatory basis and continuously;

      9) metro shall be a spatially independent high-capacity rail system transport in urban and suburban traffic with special structural and energy-propulsion characteristics;

      10) renewal of the railway infrastructure shall include works of large volume of replacement of the element on the existing infrastructure, which do not change its overall functioning;

      11) maintenance of metro system infrastructure shall include works performed in order to preserve the condition and capacity of the existing infrastructure;

      12) timetable shall be an act establishing the traffic plan of metro compositions during the day/week;

      13) certificate of safety of the metro system shall be a document issued by the competent authority to the metro system manager on the fulfilment of the safety requirements prescribed for the metro system;

      14) metro system manager shall be a public enterprise or other legal entity that manages the infrastructure of the metro system and carries out the activity of public transport of passengers thereon;

      15) public infrastructure and infrastructure facilities in the function of the metro system shall be the line infrastructure facilities (access roads, utility infrastructure, substations, pumping stations, reservoirs, etc.), public transport terminal, parking lots and other infrastructure facilities necessary for access, utility equipment and operation of the metro system.