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Grupa: RULE OF LAW (individual rights and law enforcement)
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 59/11 of 11 June 2021


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  • Subject Matter of the Law
     Article 1

    This Law shall regulate establishing and contents of the single national database for prevention and fight against terrorism, access to, use and protection of data, supervision and control of the implementation of the Law, as well as other issues of significance for database functioning and development.

  • Meanings of Terms
     Article 2

    The terms, within the meaning of this Law, shall have the following meanings:

    1) the single national database for prevention and fight against terrorism (hereinafter referred to as: the National Database) shall mean the platform comprising a set of data as a portion of already stored data in the existing databases of the competent authorities, enabling access to such data and a controlled and secure exchange of data among these authorities;

    2) data shall mean each piece of information, knowledge or notice created during work or in relation to work of the competent authorities, comprised in a specific document and relating to or in relation to activities of prevention and fight against terrorism, and in particular data and notifications relating to terrorist acts, acts related to a terrorist organization and acts related to terrorist activities, irrespective of the method of learning or the form in which it is presented;

    3) competent authority shall mean the state authority and the public administration authority competent for the activities of terrorism countering and fight against terrorism, and in particular: the Ministry in charge of internal affairs, the Ministry in charge of foreign affairs, the Security Information Agency, the Military Security Agency and the Military Intelligence Agency of the Ministry in charge of defence, Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering of the Ministry in charge of finances, the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, as well as other state authorities and services where access to the National Database is required for the performance of legally regulated activities in the field of prevention and fight against terrorism;

    4) indexed person shall mean a natural person, legal person, as well as a group or organisation, whether registered or not, which is designated and entered in an international or national list of terrorists, terrorist organisations or terrorist financiers, as well as the one recorded in the existing records kept by the competent authorities due to existence of information, intelligence or notices mentioned in item 2) of this Article;

    5) terrorism, terrorist, terrorist activity and terrorist organisation shall be interpreted exclusively in accordance with the provisions of laws of the Republic of Serbia comprising the criminal law provisions and with the relevant international treaties relating to prevention and fight against terrorism, which are ratified by the Republic of Serbia. 

  • Objective and Purpose of the National Database
     Article 3

    The National Database shall be established with a view to efficient exchange of data and information among the competent authorities.

    The National Database data can be used for the purpose of preventing threats from terrorism, timely uncovering and documenting of terrorist activities and criminal prosecution.

    The National Database data can be processed only in such a manner as to achieve the processing purpose for which data is collected.