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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Official Gazette of the RS, No. 62/06 of 19 July 2006

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  • Scope
     Article 1
    The present Law shall establish the conditions for setting the locality and operation of free-trade zones, lines of business which may be conducted in free trade zones, requirements for the conduct of such business and requirements for dissolution of free-trade zones, as well as govern the establishment, legal status and purview of the Free-trade Zone Authority.
  • Definitions
     Article 2

    The meaning of some of the terms and expressions used in the present Law shall be as follows:

    1) Free-trade zone shall mean a part of the territory of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: Serbia), which is specially fenced-in and marked and in which business is conducted under the conditions provided by the present Law (hereinafter: the zone);

    2) Zone founder shall mean a local self-government agency, company and/or sole proprietor, which/who has decided to found a zone or has concluded a contract with another founder for the purpose of founding one and which/who has applied for approval of the locality, through a zone management company;

    3) Zone-management company shall mean a company which provides for trouble-free conduct of business in a zone;

    4) Associated person shall mean a person having the characteristics of an associated person referred to in the law governing the corporation profit tax;

    5) Zone user shall mean any legal entity or sole proprietor which/who is conducting a business in a zone;

    6) Zone founding shall mean the decision of a competent local-self government agency, a company or a sole proprietor to found a zone or the conclusion of a zone-founding agreement between a local self-government agency, company and/or sole proprietor;

    7) Government approval shall mean a Government act setting the zone locality.

    8) Zone locality shall mean a piece of land determined by cadastral lots and being of an area expressed in appropriate units of measurement.

  • Guaranteed Rights
     Article 3

    The rights of a zone founder, a zone management company and zone users provided by the present Law may not be reduced by another law or some other regulations.