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Izdanje: AGREEMENT ON FREE TRADE WITH RUSSIA (with supplements)
Published in the Službeni list SRJ - Međunarodni ugovori, No. 1/01 of 11 May 2001
Sekcija: Agreement


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  • General Provisions
     Article 1
    The Contracting Parties shall liberalize mutual trade in accordance with the provisions of the present Agreement and with those of the WTO, with a view to establishing a free trade regime.
  • Objectives of the Agreement
     Article 2
    The objectives of the present Agreement are:

    – to expand and encourage mutual trade and economic relations aimed at accelerating eco-nomic development of the two states, improving the living and working conditions, increasing em-ployment of the population, in the area of production and achieving financial and production sta-bility in the states;

    – to provide fair conditions of competition between economic entities of the two states;

    – to harmonize customs procedures and the manner of the application of the rules of origin of goods in accordance with the international rules, and to harmonize the procedures of control of origin of goods by the customs authorities of the two states.
  • Scope of Application
     Article 3
    The provisions of this Agreement shall apply to products falling within Chapters 1 to 97 of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (Brussels, 14 June 1983) or the Customs Tariffs of each state.