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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 98/06 of 10 November 2006, 115/21 of 30 November 2021 - Amendments I-XXIX and 16/22 of 9 February 2022
1. Fundamental Principles

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  • Direct Implementation of Guaranteed Rights
     Article 18
    Human and minority rights guaranteed by the Constitution shall be implemented directly.
    The Constitution shall guarantee, and as such, directly implement human and minority rights guaranteed by the generally accepted rules of international law, ratified international treaties and laws. The law may prescribe manner of exercising these rights only if explicitly stipulated in the Constitution or necessary to exercise a specific right owing to its nature, whereby the law may not under any circumstances influence the substance of the relevant guaranteed right.
    Provisions on human and minority rights shall be interpreted to the benefit of promoting values of a democratic society, pursuant to valid international standards in human and minority rights, as well as the practice of international institutions which supervise their implementation.
  • Purpose of Constitutional Guarantees
     Article 19
    Guarantees for inalienable human and minority rights in the Constitution have the purpose of preserving human dignity and exercising full freedom and equality of each individual in a just, open, and democratic society based on the principle of the rule of law.
  • Restriction of Human and Minority Rights
     Article 20
    Human and minority rights guaranteed by the Constitution may be restricted by the law if the Constitution permits such restriction and for the purpose allowed by the Constitution, to the extent necessary to meet the constitutional purpose of restriction in a democratic society and without encroaching upon the substance of the relevant guaranteed right.
    Attained level of human and minority rights may not be lowered.
    When restricting human and minority rights, all state bodies, particularly the courts, shall be obliged to consider the substance of the restricted right, pertinence of restriction, nature and extent of restriction, relation of restriction and its purpose and possibility to achieve the purpose of the restriction with less restrictive means.
  • Prohibition of Discrimination
     Article 21
    All are equal before the Constitution and law.
    Everyone shall have the right to equal legal protection, without discrimination.
    All direct or indirect discrimination based on any grounds, particularly on race, sex, national origin, social origin, birth, religion, political or other opinion, property status, culture, language, age, mental or physical disability shall be prohibited.
    Special measures which the Republic of Serbia may introduce to achieve full equality of individuals or group of individuals in a substantially unequal position compared to other citizens shall not be deemed discrimination.
  • Protection of Human and Minority Rights and Freedoms
     Article 22
    Everyone shall have the right to judicial protection when any of their human or minority rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been violated or denied, they shall also have the right to elimination of consequences arising from the violation.
    The citizens shall have the right to address international institutions in order to protect their freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution.