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Over 180 up-to-date legal acts of the Republic of Serbia translated to English.
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, Nos. 98/06 of 10 November 2006, 115/21 of 30 November 2021 - Amendments I-XXIX and 16/22 of 9 February 2022
1. Economic System

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  • Basic Principles
     Article 82

    Economic system in the Republic of Serbia shall be based on market economy, open and free market, freedom of entrepreneurship, independence of business entities and equality of private and other types of assets.
    The Republic of Serbia shall represent a unique economic area with a single commodity, labour, capital and services market.
    The impact of the market economy on social and economic status of the employed shall be adjusted through social dialogue between trade unions and employers.

  • Freedom of Entrepreneurship
     Article 83

    Entrepreneurship shall be permitted.
    Entrepreneurship may be restricted by the Law, for the purpose of protection of people’s health, environment and natural goods and security of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Status on the Market
     Article 84

    Everyone shall have equal legal status on the market.
    Acts, which are contrary to the Law and restrict free competition by creating or abusing monopolistic or dominant status, shall be strictly prohibited.
    Rights gained through capital investments, in accordance with the Law, may not be curtailed by the Law.
    Foreign persons shall be equalled on the market with domestic persons.

  • Proprietary Rights of Foreigners
     Article 85

    Foreign natural and legal entities may obtain real estate property, in accordance with the Law or international contract.
    Foreigners may obtain a concession right for natural resources and goods, as well as other rights stipulated by the Law.

  • Equality of all Types of Assets
     Article 86

    Private, cooperative and public assets shall be guaranteed. Public assets shall become state assets, assets of the autonomous province and assets of local self-government units. All types of assets shall have equal legal protection.
    The existing social assets shall become private assets under the terms, in a manner and within the deadlines stipulated by the Law.
    Resources from the public assets shall be appropriated in a manner and under the terms stipulated by the Law.

  • State Assets
     Article 87

    Natural resources, goods which are stipulated by the Law as goods of public interest and assets used by the bodies of the Republic of Serbia shall be the state assets. State assets shall include other things and rights, according to the Law.
    Natural and legal entities may obtain particular rights on particular goods in public use, under the terms and in a manner stipulated by the Law.
    Natural resources shall be utilised under the terms and in a manner stipulated by the Law.
    Assets of autonomous provinces and local self-government units, method of its utilisation and management shall be stipulated by the Law.

  • Land
     Article 88

    Utilisation and management of agricultural land, forest land and municipal building land on private assets shall be permitted.
    The Law may restrict the models of utilisation and management, that is stipulate terms of utilisation and management, in order to eliminate the danger of causing damage to environment or prevent violation of rights and legally based interests of other persons.

  • Protection of Heritage
     Article 89

    Everyone shall be obliged to protect natural rarities and scientific, cultural and historical heritage, as well as goods of public interest in accordance with the Law.
    The Republic of Serbia, autonomous provinces and local self-government units shall be held particularly accountable for the protection of heritage.

  • Protection of Consumers
     Article 90

    The Republic of Serbia shall protect consumers.
    Activities directed against health, security and privacy of consumers, as well as all other dishonest activities on the market, shall be strictly prohibited.