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Issue: Niste pretplaćeni - pretplatite se LAW ON SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP
Published in the Službeni glasnik RS, No. 14/22 of 7 February 2022
Section: Contents


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  • Subject Matter of the Law
  • Objective of the Law
  • Meanings and Use of the Terms
  • Principles
  • The Social Role of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Members of Socially Vulnerable Groups
  • Fields of Action
  • Conditions for Acquiring the Social Entrepreneurship Status
  • Registration of Social Entrepreneurship Status
  • Assets of the Social Entrepreneurship Entities
  • Distribution of Profit
  • Management in Social Entrepreneurship Entities
  • Obligation to Report on Attainment of the Social Role
  • Termination of the Social Entrepreneurship Status
  • Consequences of Abuse of the Status
  • Relation with Other Laws
  • Special Reliefs and Exemptions
  • Active Support to Social Entrepreneurship Entities
  • Social Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Social Entrepreneurship Council
  • Supervision
  • Termination of Other Regulations
  • Adoption of Implementing Regulations to this Law
  • Entry into force and Commencement of Application